For mag250 / mag254 / mag256 / mag322w1 / mag324w2

  1. Send us your mac address (found on the bottom of your box starting with 00:1a:79:xx:xx:xx).
  2. Connect your mag box to the internet with Ethernet cable and skip the next step.
  3. If Wi-Fi go to “system settings” -> “network” “auto (dhcp)” look for your network and provide your password on the last line.
  4. Click home to the “menu” –> “settings” –> “system settings”.
  5. Open “servers” –> “portals” –> set portal 1 name: (put the package name).
  6. Go down to portal URL- set the portal URL (we provided you after you ordered.
  7. Go back and hit restart portal.
System will restart and you are ready to watch.

For android boxes

  1. Download the “STBemu (free)” app from google play store here.
  2. Open the app and go to the “settings” by clicking settings icon top of the app.
  3. Click “profiles” and click on the “test profile” to edit
  4. Then click “STB model” and select the “mag 250” as emulator
  5. Click “portal settings” and change the portal URL that we will send in another email after order.
  6. Set “screen resolution” to 1280×720 or match to your TV
  7. Scroll down and find mac address. This is an important number because it is how our IPTV service will identify the set top box.
  8. Get a new mac address here
  9. Send us your mac to us with your order. If you haven’t and order is placed already, we will provide you a mac address.
  10. Then click on mac address on STBemu. And change it to mac address that you got above.
  11. Please wait for the mac address activation & we will send you email with portal URL
  12. Once portal URL and mac address has been saved. Save all settings and restart app.
  13. The profile you created should come on main page of STB emulator app. Click the profile and channels will start downloading.

Setup IPTV on amazon fire stick or amazon fire tv

Install IPTV service on amazon fire stick or amazon fire tv Firstly, on your amazon device Click settings –> click device –> click developer options –> click apps from unknown sources to turn it on –> click turn on
  1. Go to amazon app store, find downloader and install it
  2. Start downloader and enter this URL and click download – (allow to update if asked)
  3. Now, go to applications >>> manage installed applications, and find STB emu (pro) and click launch application
  4. STB emulator should have now been downloaded!
Then please follow steps below:
  1. Click the menu button on remote and go to settings then to profiles
  2. Click where it says new profile.
  3. Go to profile name
  4. Enter any name & click OK (if you are using express enter express, if crown enter crown)
  5. Next go to portal settings
  6. Click on portal URL – enter the portal URL provided by us in your email after placing order (check spam as well or wait for details to be emailed to you)
  7. Next go to STB configuration
  8. Select STB model
  9. Select the mag box version to mag 254.
  10. Select screen resolution
  11. Set the screen resolution to auto unless you are sure about your TVS resolution.
  12. Next select mac address
  13. Set the mac address provided by us it should start from 00:1a:79:xx:xx:xx . If you haven’t placed an order yet generate new mac address here and give it to us.
  14. Once done click ok and exit out.
  15. Find and launch STB emulator, it may take a few seconds to load
  16. Select the profile name we created from the main menu of STB emulator and we should be able to now start streaming.
  17. Entering portal URL and mac address and two crucial steps only! Make sure those are entered correctly as any mistake will cause the service to not load.
If you have any questions please feel free to email us at [email protected]

Setup for Kodi on any device by following below steps

  1. Start by downloading Kodi based on your operating system at In this case, we select “windows”.
  2. Select 64 bit or 32 bit based on your operating system.
  3. After install and open it, click on “add-ons”.
  4. Now click on “download” then select “pvr clients”.
Note: We are going to download and install the pvr add-on here, after installing no need to go to the “download”. You can find the installed add-ons “my add-ons”
  1. Select “stalker client”.
  2. Now click on “install”.
  3. After installing “stalker client” head back to “my add-ons” then “pvr clients” and run the add-on.
  4. Now click on “configure”
  5. Select portal 1, and here adds the server address provided by your iptv distributor and mac address of device. After entering the info accurately, select “ok”
How to find the mac address and link it to your account: Part 1: Find your mac address, this is a number of sorts that you are going to need to tie your device to your subscription.
  • Turn on your device and open Kodi.
  • In the main menu select system and then system info.
  • Select the network tab.
  • Write down the last 6 characters of your mac address (for example: if your mac address is”2a:b3:35:03:e7:36″ then you should write down 03:e7:36)
  1. Select “enable”.
  2. Head back to “TV” and click on “channels”.